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Poetry 1



He wined me, dined me,
He cherry blossom-timed me,
Love grows wild, like rice.



Memories return
Among life’s shifting shadows
Falling like sunbeams
Touching me lightly, lovingly,
Slicing through dust-layered years,
Blissfully ignoring time.


Martial Art

Calm breath of evening
Skilled martial artists meeting
Practice on the beach.

Aiki masters bow
Polite manners mask intent
Ki energy flows.

White and black shapes weave
Bodies swirl in lethal dance
Eyes do not show fear.

Supple fingers flick
Swift as eels, summer sun sets
Shade beneath the oak.

Bend with the wild wind
Willow sapling still stands firm
When mighty trees fall.

Banyu river runs
East of Tokyo, rushes
Seaward, seeking salt.

Foam washes the shore
Spring tide ebbs with waning moon
Ripples in the sand.


Haiku for Dom Forte (written 19th April 2011)

Ciao Domenico,
Held in our hearts forever,
Love and peace always.



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Yves Potter

© 2012