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Yves Potter used to be a normal, happy, aspiring writer. She liked to explore masculine worlds; she rode horses, wrestled and studied martial arts. According to her mother, she was contrary and stubborn, not like a girl at all. As a teenager, she wore jeans and climbed trees. However, she wanted more… much more.

A chance encounter with a low-flying helicopter while out horse riding planted the seed of an exciting idea. Slowly, it grew. A fictional thriller¬† inched towards the light. By day, Yves immersed herself in a world of war, intrigue and heroism. A fascination with Military Intelligence led to World War II becoming the backdrop for a novel where the main character faces her own internal battles while striving to save soldiers’ lives.

To earn a crust, Yves compiled cryptic crosswords, published articles and short stories. She co-edited Westcountry Voices from the Civil War with Alex Janes and worked as a part-time personal assistant to William Trevor. She joined the Society of Authors and found an interesting network of people. To keep her active brain fully occupied she studied part-time for an Honours Degree in Literature and a Certificate in French at the Open University.

She continues to ride horses and keep fit. Her portfolio of writing has expanded rapidly. Two more novels are now in the pipeline. Yves discovered Script Frenzy (A scriptwriting challenge on the web) and wrote a full-length screenplay, best described as The Great Gatsby meets Indiana Jones. While Yves appears serenely swanlike on the surface, she is also busy creating waves. She has now bravely leapt from the water with all guns blazing. She has several polished works dangling from her ammunition belt.


Formal Qualifications:

BA (Hons) Lit (Open)
Dip LCW (Open)
Cert French (Open)

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Yves Potter

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