I know I promised to blog regularly but this summer started with a very hard knock when I lost my beloved equine friend, Winston. His death was sudden and totally unexpected. Winston was full of health one day and lay dying at my feet the next. The only choice to make was for my vet to put him to sleep. This is the hardest part of keeping horses. It never gets any easier as all pet lovers will know. Sadly, I had to have another equine friend, Hannah’s Glory, aged 32, put to sleep at the end of the summer.

As a tribute to Winston and Hannah, and in respect of all the love and good times we shared I decided to take a deep breath and train another young horse. So I have been caught up in a whirl of looking for another horse and being ‘assessed’ by World Horse Welfare to make sure I would be capable of taking on some youngsters. Somewhere along the line I decided to give a couple, maybe three, (more about that later) youngsters a permanent home.

One week ago, a blue lorry pulled up outside my gate, appropriately named Pegasus Horse Travel. The new horses had arrived. Out stepped my pair of Painted Ladies, aka WHW Vienna and WHW Sapphire. This is the start of their lifelong adventure. They have kindly suggested that they blog in a separate category. Look out for them in the coming weeks as they spill the beans on their new life.

In the meantime, I will be continuing their education along simple lines and establishing trust. I hope they will write good things about me.

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