I first took up the Script Frenzy challenge after successfully completing a couple of novels with National Novel Writing Month, fondly known as Nanowrimo, to aficionados. Little did I know then that it would be a life changing experience. Every day, for thirty days, I wrote pages and pages of screenplay. It was a steep learning curve combined with hard work and I loved every minute of it.

Learning the correct script layout was the easy part. Writing the dialogue let me use my writer’s voice so no problems there. But writing out the action sequences meant I had to imagine viewing the finished film rather than simply hearing the story unfold in my head.

Undaunted, I imagined casting Johnny Depp as the madman/romantic lead, (only JD has the expertise to play such a role, imho), and hey presto, I could see it all. My main character was also a jazz guitarist and the same actor had to play his own grandfather. This concept intrigued me. My fingers flew across the keyboard like a demented spider. The file of pages increased in megabytes and suddenly it was 30th April. I had reached my goal of 110 pages of screenplay.

But honing and polishing the script presented me with another challenge. First, I had to research all the historical facts, and then I had to make sure the story structure worked. I asked an ex British Army expert about the demolition scenes and re-wrote those. I polished and cut and polished and cut some more. I spent a while choosing a one-liner to describe the film.

I ended up with:  The Great Gatsby meets Indiana Jones – a cross-Atlantic tale of decadence, money, intrigue, madness, music and romance.

Now comes the hardest part of all. Finding someone to make the film. So if you know a gambler who likes to explore the human psyche while blowing up historic buildings, just let me know. I’ll be waiting for your call.



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