Like Stephen King, I write every day. Sometimes the words are good, sometimes awful. I know that if I don’t write out the bad, it will be so much harder to find the good. But being a good writer means practising, so in many ways it’s just like learning a musical instrument – you have to learn the scales. By knowing the rules, you can choose when, and if, to break them.

Listening to music frequently kick starts my writing day. Though I have to be careful with my daily choice of what’s going to blast my eardrums. So far I’ve found that listening to soothing Mozart String Quartets best suits my editing and proofreading stints, while original blues tracks from John Lee Hooker and Robert Johnson are good for fiction that needs frequent alterations of pace.

I save the heavy rock for when I’m really pounding the keys and words are flowing fast enough to scorch the keyboard. Sometimes, I find I am singing lead guitar riffs as I listen to the Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd or Free, to name a few of my all-time favourites. Give me anything with a driving bass, heavy beat and sparkling lead guitar and my fingers just have to start tapping.

The only disadvantage is that sometimes I pick up my guitar and join in. The fresh impetus this type of creativity brings to my fiction writing far outweighs the few minutes spent playing guitar blues. It reminds me of my ambition to jam with Keith Richard and Johnny Depp. It keeps my foot tapping and my creativity bubbling.  I’ve learnt that aiming high is the only way to stay inspired and be inspiring. Who knows? I might write a No 1 song today.

Be good and keep writing,

2 Responses to “Encourage creativity, write every day”

  1. PETER CHIN  Says:

    Great sazzy style. Would love to hear you play your music too, how about putting A SAMPLE of YOUR OWN MUSIC in your website? Got know about you from Devon Writers Group, I live in Devon!

  2. Yves  Says:

    Good to hear from you, Peter. I’m working on the music samples right now. Thanks for your words of encouragement!

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