Yves Potter here. Creative writing and reading are two of my passions. Writing songs and playing guitar are another two (rescuing waifs and strays should also be added to this list). But no matter what, I always come back to my first love of writing while keeping a guitar, or four, within reach. Having four guitars is not being greedy – they are all different.

One amateur musician friend has sixteen guitars as well as mandolins and banjos, and yes, he has had to move to a bigger house. I’m still able to squeeze a few more into my home. And oh, did I mention the large Pleyel piano I rescued from a rain storm or the Yamaha electric piano that needed a new home? *grins*

My first guitar is a battered old Spanish guitar, great for Flamenco and blues but not the easiest to play due to its wide fret board and my small hands. My second guitar is an Italian 12-string, but I don’t play that one much these days as its ringing, jangly sound seems more suited to folk songs of the Sixties. Can’t quite bring myself to sell it.

I saw my third one in a shop window when I was searching for a wire string acoustic. It looked good and I knew it was mine as soon as I played a few simple chords. I couldn’t resist the way the bass notes reverberated in my bones and how the top strings stayed clear. It has proved to be the best guitar of all for writing songs with.

My latest guitar is a Fender style electric in wild purple; I just love experimenting with the different sounds it can make.  Anyone out there want to start a band? Btw, I use my voice too but, fortunately, that doesn’t take up any extra space.

Now I need to find that handful of elusive time to be able to play them all. I do give myself extra brownie points for practising every day. When I have enough, I trade them in for those real brownies of a certain brand that begins with ‘g’ and ends with ‘u’. It rhymes with ‘moo’. Everyone needs a reward from time to time. And mine are often of the chocolate kind.

Time to make some music. Tra la la!

Back soon.


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